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How to NOT Hate Your Next Dentist Appointment

Posted by Rachel Moody, MBA on Dec 22, 2014 11:00:00 AM

dental-conceptThe Dental Fears Research Clinic estimates that around 30% of all Americans experience at least a moderate level of anxiety about going to a dentist appointment. For roughly 10% of the population the experience is so distressing that they will not go at all, while the other 20% only go when it is an absolute necessity.

Even if you don't suffer from extreme dental phobia, going to the dentist is not something that most people look forward to, but there is a solution to the most common concerns. A dentist using new WaterLase technology can make your trip to the dentist a lot more enjoyable and help you keep healthy teeth and gums.

Benefit #1: Almost Painless

Ask almost anyone why they dread their next dentist appointment and they will tell you it's because of the pain. Dental drills are designed to cut through enamel and the tough materials of your teeth, but in order to do so, they generate heat and pressure in your mouth. Dental lasers accomplish the job without using heat or pressure, and in the process they emit only a mild pulsing sound instead of the screech associated with a dental drill. When the procedure is done, your mouth won't feel numb or swollen. In addition, since laser procedures rarely need anesthesia, you won't feel groggy or disoriented like you do after work done with a drill.

Benefit #2: Precision

The biggest difference between a dental drill and a laser is the precision of the work. Drills must destroy huge amounts of dental tissue to clear the way for work to be done. In the process, the drill cracks and damages healthy teeth and surrounding tissue, laying the groundwork for future dental problems. Lasers, on the other hand, affect only a small area of the tooth, which preserves your natural teeth and reduces discomfort.

Benefit #3: Healthier

Even in the cleanest offices there is a risk of cross-contamination when you have dental instruments put into your mouth that have also been in a stranger's mouth. Drills are notoriously difficult to clean and sanitize, so every time the dentist uses the drill there is the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses from patient to patient. Lasers are safer in two ways. First, the laser doesn't actually touch any part of your teeth or your mouth during your dentist appointment, there is not a chance for physical material transfer. Second, the tips of the laser are removable and easily disposable. You know that every time you go to a dentist appointment you are getting a fresh tool.

Benefit #4: Convenient

The complaint most common for people who don't fear going to the dentist is how inconvenient the appointments are. You start with a general dentist appointment, but during a routine cleaning the dentist discovers a cracked tooth or a cavity. Unfortunately, with dental drills the dentist can only work in one area of the mouth at a time, because they don't want to overload your body with too much anesthesia at one time. Dentists who use laser technology don't need to use much, if any, anesthesia, allowing them to work in multiple sections of your mouth in one sitting. Now, instead of scheduling two or three appointments to take care of all of your dental issues, you can get the work done in a single visit.


New technology is making a trip to the dentist more convenient and comfortable than ever before. Avoid fear of the dentist and stop hating your dental appointments by seeking out a dentist using WaterLase technology.

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