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Dr. Lawrence J. Korenman was born in Staten Island, New York and has lived in Texas since age 12. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington and then the University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He practiced in Fort Worth, Texas for over twenty years until moving to the Dallas area in 1995. Shortly after September 11, 2001, Dr. Korenman closed his practice and traveled to Easton, PA to manage a dental practice and practice dentistry for a colleague during his terminal illness. He then spent a year assisting a good friend’s dental practice in Indianapolis, IN before returning to north Texas in 2003. In 2004, Dr. Korenman was hired as Dental Director by Monarch Dental, a division of BrightNow! Dental. He became Senior Dental Director and was responsible for the supervision and direction of over 100 dentists across more than thirty dental centers. In 2006, Dr. Korenman decided to return to his own full-time office in Richardson, Texas. During his 30+ years of experience, he has continued to stay up-to-date in the constantly changing field of dentistry to ensure that his patients benefit from his artistic talent, scientific knowledge, and practical expertise. And now more than ever, Dr. Korenman embraces his profession with energized passion and vision.

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Newborn having trouble nursing? Take her to the dentist. She might have baby tongue-tie!

Posted by Dr. Larry Korenman on Aug 23, 2014 5:16:33 PM

A newborn who is having trouble nursing may have a common condition known as ‘tongue-tie’ or ankyloglossia.  This condition is caused when a frenum – a small piece of tissue – connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and restricts normal movement such as nursing or speaking.

We typically have three frenums in our mouth. You might be able to feel the frenum that connects the top of your inner lip to the top of your mouth, or the frenum that connects the bottom of your lower lip to the bottom of your mouth.  The third frenum connects the underside of your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, and is often the problem with children who cannot nurse.

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