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Hassle-free Dental Visits for Gaggers

Posted by Therese Vannier, RDA/OMSA on Oct 20, 2015 11:54:00 AM


Having a dental impression taken is never a comfortable experience, but for those patients who have an over-active gag reflex, the hassle of the process can lead to dental anxiety. 

Many dental offices still take dental impressions the old-fashioned way by placing a thick gooey impression material into the mouth via a special tray. The material then sets to become solid and the tray is removed after a few minutes (depending on the brand). Patients at high-tech dental practices now have a goo-free option with digital cameras designed for fast impression capture.

Digital impression scanners like the Biolase 3Shape TRIOS Pod makes it easy to take quick impressions with no discomfort or dripping sensation caused by impression materials. That’s because the teeth and gums are digitally recorded with a handheld scanner. 

Gagger patients receive a hassle-free experience and the dentist receives more accurate results. Winner of 2015 Pride Institute “Best of Class” Technology Award, the TRIOS Pod takes a great first impression. Here’s how easy it is. 

Dental impressions are an important part of treatment. Don’t let the anxiety of gagging keep you from dental visits. You deserve a healthy mouth and great smile.

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