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Year of the 'Dragon'? BIOLASE Announces Exciting New R&D Collaboration

Posted by John Bernhard on Feb 6, 2014 11:41:00 AM


In an exciting news release this morning, the BIOLASE scientists with our Resarch and Development team announced a new collaboration with Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New York City to study and refine a groundbreaking laser technology now on the horizon from BIOLASE.

Some of the intended uses of this exciting new laser technology, which combines two laser wavelengths, include wound healing for burn patients, wound healing for patients suffering from chronic wounds, ENT surgical applications, and Ophthamology applications.  

The WaterLase and its unique YSGG laser wavelength has been the #1-selling all-tissue laser technology in dentistry, enabling dental practitioners to offer a virtually pain-free laser dental experience without sedation, anesthetic or other invasive pain therapy methods. 

This new dual-wavelength laser technology has been hailed by a diverse team of medical and dental professionals participating in early validation and clinical studies. "Significant," "Revolutionary," and "Remarkable" are just a few of the words used to describe this new technology on the horizon.

To read all their comments and learn more about this pioneering project, be sure to read the company's official press release


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