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A New Diode Laser is Coming to ENT

Posted by Svetlana Li on Oct 16, 2013 10:23:00 AM

diode lasers Epic surgical resized 600Laser treatments and therapy have continued to evolve over the last several years and are widely used for a variety of medical applications. Laser technology in medicine is sought after for many reasons, including its precision, rapid delivery and minimal invasiveness.

Today, the technology has reached new levels with the introduction of the Epic S-Series diode laser. This laser will allow practitioners to deliver a new level of care, right in their office. The Epic S diode laser will be used by ear, nose and throat specialists to perform a variety of procedures.

Some of the procedures that the laser can perform include: Removal of benign lesions from the throat and nose, which includes polypectomy and turbinate reduction, and pain therapy.

Another advantage of the Epic S is its portability. Its wireless design allows you to roam around without being bothered with cords. The laser is powered by lithium batteries and a full charge will last for a day's worth of procedures, and it charges overnight. You can take the Epic S from room to room without having to plug or unplug the device.

The advantages of introducing the Epic S diode laser to your practice are multiple. When it comes to offering your patients the best in care, the Epic S allows you to diagnose and treat patients in the same visit, avoiding the hassle of traveling to multiple locations for care. The Epic S is covered by most insurance providers. It is a minimally invasive technique which often involves less pain, bleeding and faster healing. In addition, the Epic S takes up little space and has a low overhead.

Generation of revenue is a common topic of concern in any clinic or practice. The benefits of laser treatments are an increase in the variety of treatments offered and satisfied patients. When given the option, most patients will gladly take the treatment that is less invasive with minimal downtime, and that can be done right in the clinic, without having to travel around. 

The speed with which laser procedures can be completed also improve productivity and efficiency within the practice, allowing for more time to devote to patient relations.

The Epic S diode laser is paving the way for more specialized treatment in ear nose and throat medicine, allowing Doctors to provide high levels of care to their patients right in their own clinic. The Epic S is truly a state of the art piece of equipment that can complement your existing practice and set you apart from the rest.



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